Anne Tardos




The Exploding Nothingness of Never The Define, 2020, New York: BlazVOX, 2020

The Camel’s Pedestal, Poems 2009-2007, New York: BlazeVOX, 2017

I AM YOU, Poems written in 2007-2008. First US Edition. New York: BlazeVOX, 2016

NINE 1-126, book of poems written between 2009 and 1015. New York: BlazeVOX, 2015

The Sonnets: Translating and Rewriting Shakespeare eds. Sharmila Cohen and Paul Legault, (Sonnet 102) “Nine 66,“ New York: Telephone Books, 2012

BOTH POEMS, book of poetry, New York: Roof Boooks, 2011.

“Nine 31, 32, and 33,” broadside, Milwaukee, WI: Woodland Pattern, 2011

“Ami Minden,” broadside, Davis Museum, Literary Series, Wellesley College, 2010.

I AM YOU, book of poetry, Cambridge, UK: Salt Publishing, 2008.

“Boomerang Suntan,” broadside, New Writing Series at the University of Maine, Orono, 200

A Noisy Nightingale Understands the Tiger’s Camouflage Totally New York: Belladonna Books, 2003.

The Dik-dik’s Solitude: New & Selected Works, New York: Granary Books, 2003.

Uxudo, book of multilingual poems with digitally modified video-stills, Berkeley: O Books / Tuumba Press, 1999.

Mayg-shem Fish, book of multilingual poems with digitally modified video stills, Connecticut: Potes & Poets Press, 1995.

Cat Licked the Garlic, book of multilingual poems with digitally modified video stills, Vancouver, B.C.: Tsunami Editions, 1992.

Pieces o’ Six, book by Jackson Mac Low, (computer graphics, cover, back cover, and illustrations by Tardos), Los Angeles: Sun & Moon Press, 1992.

Twenties, by Jackson Mac Low, (cover art by Tardos), New York: Roof Books, 1991.

The Fast, by Hannah Weiner (cover by Tardos) New York: United Artists, 1992.


As Editor

The Complete Light Poems, by Jackson Mac Low, eds. Anne Tardos and Michael O’Driscoll, Victoria, TX: Chax Press, 2015

154 Forties, by Jackson Mac Low, ed. Anne Tardos, Denver: Counterpath Press, 2012

Thing of Beauty: New and Selected Works, by Jackson Mac Low (Anne Tardos, ed.), Berkeley: University of California Press, 2008.

Anthologies and Journals

The Capilano Review 3.32, “Polymorphous Translation,“ Summer 2017, edited by Catriona Strang and Ted Byrne. Tardos contributions: From Nines: “Kerchief Ligament Wrong“ (Nine 4), “Djibouti Laptop Mind“ (Nine 5), “Wiki Mandolin Tchebaba“ (Nine 28), “Tchebaba Society Risky Wallaby Vodka“ (Nine 29), “Baby-Billy Shower,“ (Nine 57), “Ixum Memory Ice Cream“ (Nine 108), and “Itt Pedig Hunting“ (Nine 122).

Supplement, 2016. Edited by Ariel Resnikoff and Orchid Tierney. Tardos contributions: "Motionless Birds on Rocks," The Camel’s Pedestal: Located Children’s Lives," "There is a Condition of Truth," "Mogadishu Hothouse in the Air,and " The Water’s Lovely: Common Sense Séance."

Prelude #2, Fall 2015 (eds., Stu Watson and Robert C.L. Crawford) Six poems: "Dorothy’s Little Bed," "The Noble Lie," "Mania Assumes Shapes," "Listening Is Truth," "The Water’s Lovely," and "Longing and Uncertainty."

The Capilano Review, Languages issue (ed. Jenny Penberthy) “NINE 126: Ziglio While (compendium)“ 2014; and "Qu’est-ce que c’est que "natural"? 1984

Multiformalisms: Postmodern Poetics of Form, edited by Annie Finch and Susan M. Schultz. Tardos contribution: “Poetic Form: It’s What’s for Dinner“ Cincinnati, OH: Textos Books, 2008

Selections from “Letting Go“ 2007, Detroit, MI: Model Homes premier issue (eds. Brad Flis and Marie Buck)

Conjunctions #48 Faces of Desire (ed. Bradford Morrow); “The Aim of All Nature Is Beauty“ (illustrated version), 2007

Reminiszcencia, published in celebration of Tibor Papp’s 70th birthday (Budapest: Magyar Muhely Kiado): “The Ice Skater,“ 2006

Aufgabe #5 Fall (ed. E.Tracy Grinell): “The Nature of this Lecture Is by John Beauty,“ 2005.

Call #3, (ed. John Most): “A Life,“ “Can’t Write,“ “Nietzsche,“ “Nothing Special,“ and “Peace.“ 2005.

Pom2 #4, (ed. Susan Landers): “Oh, Baby“ (for Chris Tysh); “About Response-Writing“ (essay) 2003.

Chase Park No. 4, (eds. David Horton, Kristin Miltner) “Intimacy Glittering,“ “A Flea,“ “Shightenberby Kickerly,“ “Rich Rotting Glossy Chestnuts,“ and “Pillow Kindness.“ 2003

Mantis #3 , Poetry and Performance [with CD], (ed. Douglas Kerr)

“Considerations Scores" from Tardos’ The Dik-dik’s Solitude, [Two pieces on the CD: “AS Mix,“ performed work with Jackson Mac Low, written for the memory of Armand Schwerner, subsequently digitally modified by Tardos; and “Merzmix,“ a digitally modified recording of a perfomance by Tardos and Mac Low at Roulette in 2000. (2003)

Anthologie Polyphonix, edited by Jean-Jacques Lebel, 2002. Paris: Centre Pompidou, Editions Leo Scheer.

Rattapallax #8, 2002 [CD only] Artificial Intelligence Poetry (audio) the poem “Boomerang Suntan“ read and interpreted by a synthesized voice program.

Performance Research, June 2002, (eds. Caroline Bergvall and Ric Allsopp)"Ginkgo Knuckle Nubia“ (performance score)

Pom 2 #2, 2002 (ed. Susan Landers): “Anxiety from Anxiety“ (for/from Juliana Spahr)

Everybody’s Autonomy: Connective Reading and Collective Identity, by Juliana Spahr, University of Alabama Press, 2001, about Tardos

Conjunctions #35, 2000, American Poetry: States of the Art, (ed. Bradford Morrow) “Four Plus One K“ (illustrated version)

Conjunctions #30, 1998, Paper Airplane, (ed. Bradford Morrow): selected pages from the multilingual book Uxudo

Chain, issue #5, Different Languages, eds., Jena Osman, Juliana Spahr, Honolulu, 1998: pages from the multilingual book Uxudo

The Germ #2, eds., McGregor Card, Andrew Maxwell, Santa Cruz, CA, 1998: selected pages from the multilingual book Uxudo

The Little Magazine, Albany, New York, 1995: CD-ROM Edition: Multi-media montages of poems and electronic audio compositions

The Little Magazine, Albany, New York, 1994. “Cage at Carnegie“ (poem), and “A Note on My Multilingual Poems“ (essay).

Felix, 1993. New York. Computer graphic by Tardos, and a review of Charles Atlas’ video Son of Sam and Delilah, written by Tardos and Mac Low.

Uber die Lehr- und Lehrbarkeit von Literatur, eds. Hintze and Travner, 1993. Passagen Verlag, Vienna. “Use All You Have“ (essay by Tardos on the subject of teaching writing).

Fluxus-Virus 1962-1992. 1992. Galerie Schuppenhauer, Cologne. Photo and text by Tardos, and objects in FluxusVirus box.

Central Park, New York, Spring 1992. poems/graphics by Tardos.

Avec, ed. Cydney Chadwick, San Francisco, CA: Spring 1992. "Schwittersgroup1", "Merzgroup 14 and 4," poems/graphics by Tardos.

Conjunctions #16, 1991, New York: multilingual poem and computer-assisted graphics.

Ubi Fluxus Ibi Motus, (La Biennale di Venezia, 1990), ed. Gino di Maggio, Milan: Fondazione Mudima, Gabriele Mazzotta, 1990: painting by Tardos, photograph of Tardos, and text.

French Sonnets, book by Jackson Mac Low, Milwaukee: Membrane Press, 1989: computer graphics--cover, back cover, and endpapers by Tardos.

Words nd Ends from Ez, by Jackson Mac Low, Avenue B: Bolinas, California, 1989: computer graphic--cover art and design by Tardos

TEMBLOR #7 , ed. Leland Hickman, Los Angeles, 1987: six computer graphics.

The Search for Accidental Significance: For Brian Buczak, ed. Geoffrey Hendricks, New York: Money for Food Press, 1987: performance score by Tardos.

North (magazine) No. 15, 1985, Roskilde, Denmark, Fluxus: The Unpredictable Legend, ed. Marianne Bech: photographs by Tardos.

Small Press Magazine, Aug. 1987, New York: computer graphic--cover by Tardos.

Sonorita Prospettiche, ed. Franco Masotti, Roberto Taroni, Rimini: Commune di Rimini, 1982: paintings by Tardos.

Ear Magazine, New York, 1981: “Ladies’ Ear,“ photo by Tardos.

Collective Consciousness: Art Performances in the Seventies, ed. Jean Dupuy, 1980, New York: Performing Arts Journal Publications: pp. 101, 105, 218 about Tardos.

Video Art: An Anthology, Ira Schneider and Beryl Korot, eds., 1976, New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich: pp. 128-129, photo and poem “Confessions of Erasist“ and "Stoned on Sony," by Tardos.

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