Anne Tardos is a poet, visual artist, and composer. She is the author of the multilingual performance work Among Men, which was produced as a radio play by WDR, the West German Radio. She read and performed her works widely in the United States and Europe. Her books of poetry and graphics include I Am You (Salt), The Dik-dik's Solitude (Granary), A Noisy Nightingale Understands the Tiger's Camouflage Totally (Belladonna), Uxudo (Tuumba /O), and Cat Licked the Garlic (Tsunami). She is the editor of Thing of Beauty, by Jackson Mac Low (California).

Her multi-channel video work, Apple Eaters, premiered at the Kitchen in 1971, was restored and edited into a one-channel version, in 2004, by the Kitchen. It is being distributed by Electronic Arts Intermix.

Examples of her visual texts were exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Venice Biennale (Fluxus Pavillion), Museo d'Arte Moderna, Bolzano; the New Museum, New York, and the Neuberger Museum of Art, New York.

Examples of her recordings can be heard on PennSound, and the CDs: A Chance Operation: The John Cage Tribute, collaboratively composed and performed with Jackson Mac Low (Koch International); Open Secrets (Experimental Intermedia); and on Music by Jackson Mac Low and Anne Tardos (Tarmac).  

She is a 2009 Fellow in Poetry from the New York Foundation for the Arts.